Why should you call us for your Electrician needs and services?  We provide a Safe and Secure, Prompt service which you can book any time of day.  All our Electricians are professionals that have been through security checks and are fully certified in the Electrical field.  We offer all aspects of service, repairs and maintenance in the domestic and small electrical environments.

Electrical Services provided by us:

We install new light fittings and will sort out problems with existing lighting problems.

The installation of new plugs, as well as fixing faulty plugs is an everyday occurrence.  We do the Installation of a new Stove, as well as the installation of other Electrical Appliances.

Our services include Routine Maintenance on all domestic buildings.  We do the correct wiring for outdoor and garden lighting. .  We also provide wiring of extensions to your home and rewiring for compliance with Electrical Regulations.

Earth Leakages and Leak Detection is an integral part of the services we provide.  Our professional electricians will search until the fault is found and fixed.

We provide Certificates of Compliance after work has been done to the customers’ satisfaction.  We also do Inspections on already installed wiring before giving Compliance Certificates.

Energy Efficiency in Electrical Distribution is one of our Specialities and we will give you practical considerations in achieving energy saving.

A three, five or ten-year guarantee come with all our electrical services, depending on the type of work and the area in which it is performed.

We keep up to date with all changes in regulations and will inform all our clients of current requirements.


Our Electrical Services, Performed by Professionals to help you through all your Domestic Electric Nightmares

Our services are available 24/7 all year round.  We have a quick response for emergency calls and carry the basics in our emergency units to provide prompt completion of most problems.

Domestic Electrical Services

  1. We do all electrical wiring for new extensions on your home and also rewiring of existing wiring to comply with requirements. We do fault finding and problem-solving on faulty wiring.
  2. We replace damaged components and fittings, for instance, plugs, lights, light fittings and switches and will install new ones where needed.
  3. Stove installations, either replacing an old stove or installing in a new home.
  4. We also do repairs on stoves, fridges, freezers, washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers. We will give a quotation on the repairs needed before removing the appliance from your home.  In certain instances, we can fix the appliance at your home.
  5. We Issue Compliance Certificates after checking your home’s wiring and ensuring that all requirements are met.
  6. We diagnose Energy Saving Opportunities through electrical measurement and will inform our clients on how to best implement these energy-saving opportunities.
  7. Regular Maintenance on all electrical wiring and implements in your home is important to be done regularly. This also includes maintenance on all outdoor lights in the garden or on outside walls.

All our services are guaranteed and will be completed to the customer’s specifications and satisfaction, but always to Electrical Requirements and Regulations.